High-Performance Black Gloves – Plastic, TPE, Quality Assured


  • Material:LDPE、LLDPE、POE
  • Size:XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL
  • Colour:white/blue/black
  • Packing quantity:2000pcs/box(100pcs/box*20 boxes)
  • Weight:1.7-2.4g

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Black tpe Gloves,powder-free synthetic gloves Long a favorite of barbecue pitmasters and chefs who handle food high in fat content, as well as acidic and spicy ingredients that can irritate skin, disposable black gloves are prized for their durability and relatively tighter fit when compared to more lightweight styles of food service gloves. In addition, their distinctive color provides visible contrast that quickly reveals any tear or puncture that may occur. Today, they are gaining in popularity well beyond the realm of barbecue

DAMAO powder-free TPE gloves, which are made of durable LDPE, POE and other revolutionary gloves for food processing, are ergonomically designed to enhance the fit and are responsible for the environment.

hybrid gloves can slide easily even with wet hands, and the surface adopts embossing technology, which can provide users with a non-slip and confident grip. The extended cuff makes it provide higher risk protection. It is made of multiple composite materials, which has better fit and better wrist protection, and it also increases heat resistance.

hybrid gloves are not allergic to the human body. At the same time, have also obtained food contact license.

hybrid gloves do not contain latex, powder and PVC, which can reduce 90% of harmful emissions during the production process.

because TPE gloves use fewer materials, the total cost is much lower than other gloves, and can be reduced by up to 54%.Damao TPE powder-free synthetic gloves are very suitable for environmental protection and lower cost. They are revolutionary gloves for food handlers.

they are manufactured in a waste recycling facility, and TPE gloves can also be completely recycled through plastic bags. Even if you cannot recycle them, they take up 62% less space than other gloves in a landfill.

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