Blue Fish Scale Nitrile Gloves – 12 Inch, 8mil, Flocked Liner


  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • Material100%Nitrile
  • Color:Blue、Orange
  • GradePowder-Free
  • Surface Outer Flocked Liner
  • Surface InnerFish scale texture
  • Cuff Type Beaded
  • AQL1.5
  • Packaging10 boxes/carton, 100 gloves/box
  • Country Of OriginChina

OEM Order Contact: [email protected]


Introducing our innovative Fish Scale Nitrile Gloves, engineered to provide ambidextrous protection with a distinctive fish scale pattern for unparalleled grip performance. These gloves are ergonomically designed, offering excellent traction both inside and out. Crafted from a robust stretch formula nitrile, they ensure a snug fit while maximizing comfort, durability, and dexterity.

Ideal for a range of tasks, these gloves are particularly effective for handling oily or wet parts, paint spraying, automotive service and repair, and electroplating objects. The flocked liner is a key feature, enhancing wearability and keeping hands dry during extended periods of use. This liner not only maintains hand comfort but also effectively blocks sweat.

fish scale nitrile gloves


  • Patented fish scale design on both sides of the glove, enhancing grip with oily or wet objects.
  • 8 mil proprietary nitrile blend with a unique pattern, offering increased tear and puncture resistance compared to standard disposable gloves.
  • Resistance to a wide array of chemicals, including oils, grease, and cleaning solvents.
  • Enhanced flexibility, comfort, and mobility provided by the proprietary nitrile blend, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Food-grade blue gloves, aligning with food safety protocols and FDA food handling requirements.
  • Touchscreen compatibility, allowing users to operate digital devices without removing the gloves.

Our Fish Scale Nitrile Gloves comply with key regulatory standards:

  • The gloves meet FDA Rule 110.10, ensuring their suitability for handling human food during manufacturing and packaging phases.
  • They comply with FDA Rule 177.1950, containing safe chloride-ethylene co-polymers for food contact.
  • Additionally, these gloves adhere to Proposition 65 requirements in the State of California, ensuring they are free from harmful substances.

Whether for industrial, automotive, food handling, or general-purpose use, our Fish Scale Nitrile Gloves with Flocked Liner are the ideal choice for those seeking reliable hand protection without compromising on functionality and comfort.

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