Shoulder & Elbow Length Poly Gloves – Versatile Protection


  • Material:LDPE、LLDPE、EVA
  • Size:One size
  • Packing quantity:1000pcs/box(100pcs/box*10 boxes)
  • weight:6g

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Our Shoulder & Elbow Length Poly Gloves are the epitome of versatile protection, designed to meet a variety of needs across different sectors. These gloves are crafted from a high-quality soft plastic formula, providing not just durability but also a comfortable feel, which is especially important for prolonged use. The 35″/90cm length, coupled with a double thickness of 0.04mm, ensures comprehensive coverage and protection. Each box contains 100 pieces, making it a practical choice for frequent use.

One of the standout features of these gloves is their extended length, reaching up to 35 inches for additional protection and coverage. This design is particularly beneficial in scenarios where you need to safeguard not just your hands but also your arms. The one-time use aspect of these gloves makes cleanup effortless and swift, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene with ease.


These gloves find a special application in the field of animal breeding, particularly in the artificial insemination of cattle, buffalo, horses, and donkeys. Their design and material are conducive to such delicate and crucial tasks, ensuring safety and efficiency.

However, the usefulness of these Shoulder & Elbow Length Poly Gloves extends far beyond animal breeding. They are an excellent choice for a variety of applications, thanks to their “One Size Fits Most” sizing. Most users will find ample room to wear additional gloves or sleeve protectors underneath, if needed. This makes them ideal for industrial tasks, handling, cleaning, painting, and much more.

A key advantage of these gloves is their ability to effectively solve the problem of perforation, a common issue with many standard gloves. This makes them not just a protective tool but also a reliable helper, particularly in tasks like artificial insemination and inspections where puncture resistance is crucial. Whether for professional or personal use, these gloves offer the durability, protection, and versatility needed to handle a wide range of activities safely and comfortably.