Vinyl Synthetic Disposable Gloves – High-Quality Protective Hand Wear


  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • Material Vinyl
  • Color:Blue
  • GradePowder-FrePowder-free, Latex Free, Ambidextrous Shape
  • Surface Outer/
  • Surface InnerSurface-Chlorinated
  • Cuff Type Beaded
  • AQL1.5
  • Packaging10 boxes/carton, 100 gloves/box
  • Country Of OriginChina

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Durable Material
Our vinyl synthetic gloves are made from high-quality synthetic materials that provide durability and strength, making them ideal for various applications.
Comfortable Fit
With a snug and comfortable fit, our vinyl synthetic gloves offer flexibility and tactile sensitivity, allowing for easy movement and precise handling.
Free from natural rubber latex and powder, our vinyl synthetic gloves are an excellent choice for individuals with latex allergies and sensitive skin.
Multi-Purpose Use
Ideal for food handling, laboratory work, cleaning, and more, our vinyl synthetic gloves are versatile and suitable for various professional and personal uses.

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Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


10/Carton(10000pcs), 20/Carton(20000pcs)