TPE Hybrid Gloves – Durable, Flexible & Comfortable, 2.0g



  • ColoreWhite
  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • MaterialLDPE、LLDPE、POE
  • GradePowder-Free
  • Surface OuterMatte textured
  • AQL2.0
  • PACKAGING:2000 TPE gloves per case, by weight, 20 boxes per case, 100 gloves per dispenser box, by weight

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DAMAO TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) gloves are a breakthrough in the realm of disposable, powder-free, and ambidextrous hand protection. These gloves are specifically crafted to deliver a second-skin fit, enhancing user experience and precision. For an optimal fit, users are advised to select a size smaller than usual.

The distinctive roughened surface of these TPE gloves significantly improves grip and sensitivity. This feature makes them exceptionally suitable for tasks requiring increased precision, particularly when handling slippery, small, or challenging items. They stand as an ideal alternative to vinyl gloves, offering increased elasticity and better resistance, especially compared to standard polyethylene gloves, due to their thicker composition.

An essential aspect of these gloves is their latex- and vinyl-free composition, substantially reducing the risk of allergies. The wrist-length, straight cuffs design ensures easy donning and effective use as an over-glove.


DAMAO’s powder-free TPE gloves blend durability and environmental responsibility. Made from a combination of LDPE and POE, these gloves are ergonomically designed to enhance fit and comfort. The embossing technology used on their surface ensures a non-slip, confident grip, even with wet hands. The extended cuff design elevates the level of protection, particularly for higher-risk tasks. The composition of multiple composite materials not only offers an improved fit and wrist protection but also increases heat resistance.

These hybrid gloves are hypoallergenic, aligning with human health considerations. They have also acquired a food contact license, attesting to their safety in food handling applications.

One of the most significant advantages of DAMAO’s TPE gloves is their environmental friendliness. Free from latex, powder, and PVC, they reduce harmful emissions during production by up to 90%. Moreover, their composition uses fewer materials, substantially lowering overall costs compared to other gloves – a reduction that can be as much as 54%. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with their environmental benefits, positions DAMAO TPE powder-free synthetic gloves as a revolutionary choice for food handlers.

These gloves are not only produced in a waste recycling facility but are also completely recyclable through plastic bag channels. In scenarios where recycling isn’t an option, they occupy 62% less space in landfills than other gloves, further contributing to their eco-friendly profile.

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