Powder Free Blue Nitrile Gloves: Durable, Comfortable, and Affordable


  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • MaterialNitrile
  • GradePowder-Free
  • Surface OuterFinger textured
  • Surface InnerEnerGel
  • Cuff TypeBeaded
  • AQL1.5

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Nitrile gloves offer an ideal balance between latex and vinyl. Crafted from a hypoallergenic compound, they provide a latex-like feel, yet are stronger and more comfortable. These gloves are especially suited for intensive tasks like cleaning and dishwashing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional protection against chemical splashes.
  • Comfortable and durable nitrile material.
  • Textured fingertips for a reliable grip.
  • Suitable for food handling.

Recommended Uses:

  • Transferring liquids and solids.
  • Processing and handling samples.
  • Receiving and handling incoming goods.
  • Maintenance tasks.
  • All aspects of food processing and contact.
  • Equipment upkeep and repair.
  • Plant and machine cleaning.
  • Laboratory analysis.

Compliance with Regulations: Our gloves adhere to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) of 1938, which empowers the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics. The Safety Zone’s glove components meet all FD&C Act requirements, allowing repeated food contact.

FDA Compliance:

  • Rule 110.10: Our nitrile gloves meet the standards for human food handling in production and packaging. [Click here for more information.]
  • Rule 177.1950: Our gloves, containing chloride-ethylene co-polymers, are safe for repeated food contact. [Click here for more information.]

Proposition 65 Compliance: In California, our nitrile gloves comply with Proposition 65, ensuring safety and quality standards.