Disposable Compostable Gloves – Eco Friendly, Food Safe


  • ColoreWhite
  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • MaterialVegetable Starch
  • GradePowder-Free
  • Surface OuterMatte textured
  • AQL2.0
  • Packaging200 gloves/box

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Disposable polyethylene Compostable Gloves

  • – 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • – Plant-based and environmentally friendly
  • – Food grade compliant
  • – Free of nitrile, plastic, and sterility requirements
  • – Latex-free, powder-free, BPA-free
  • – Durable, tear-resistant, and leak-resistant
  • – Extra-long design; ambidextrous and unisex fit
  • – Loose-fit for easy on-and-off use
  • – Made from material that degrades in commercial composting facilities
  • – Compostable to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions
  • – Sturdy material with a translucent green color
  • – Can help lower landfill disposal fees through composting programs

Compostable Poly Gloves Eco-Friendly Food Safe-01

Enhanced with Advanced Biopolymer Technology (ABT), our gloves are designed to decompose faster in compost environments, helping combat plastic and landfill pollution. Each year, 24 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean. We aim to be part of the solution by using renewable, plant-based materials that are sustainable and compostable. Our gloves reduce carbon footprint by 68% compared to traditional plastics. Clean hands, clean environment, clear conscience—that’s our mission.

Compostable Gloves are clear, lightweight, and made entirely from bio-based materials with ABT. They keep your hands protected and clean regardless of the mess while avoiding potential allergies and discomfort with their all-natural composition.

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