Vitrile Gloves

Vitrile Gloves: Cost-Effective & Durable Solution for Safety

Introduction: Vitrile Gloves – A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency

“Vitrile” is a term derived from the combination of “vinyl” and “nitrile.” These disposable gloves, made from a blend of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and nitrile (NBR), are sometimes referred to as “vinyl/nitrile blend” or “synthetic” gloves. The goal of vitrile gloves is to harness the best characteristics of both materials, creating a cost-effective, durable glove suitable for food contact in restaurants. Introducing our new Vitri-Flex Pink Powder Free Vitrile Gloves, along with our original Vitri-Flex Black Powder Free Vitrile Gloves!

Cost-Effective Protection

Pure nitrile gloves tend to be more expensive than vinyl gloves. By blending the two materials, manufacturers can reduce costs while retaining the beneficial properties of nitrile. This cost-effective practice benefits both the industry and the customer.

Enhanced Durability for Safety

One of the primary reasons for blending vinyl with nitrile is to enhance the strength and durability of the glove compared to pure vinyl gloves. Nitrile, being the stronger and more puncture-resistant material, adds a layer of safety, especially when handling dangerous or hazardous materials.

Reduced Allergic Reactions

Just like our vinyl and nitrile gloves, our vitrile gloves are latex-free. Providing latex-free gloves reduces the risk of allergic reactions, ranging from uncomfortable rashes to severe anaphylaxis. Safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Improved Flexibility and Comfort

The blend of vinyl and nitrile offers a balance between flexibility and strength, potentially making the gloves more comfortable for extended wear. This added flexibility is ideal for precise tasks, whether at home or in restaurant kitchens.

Conclusion: The Future of Gloves is Vitrile

Whether referred to as “vitrile,” “vinyl/nitrile,” or simply “synthetic,” the result is the same. By mixing two types of synthetic materials, manufacturers create a new material that balances cost-effectiveness, strength, and durability. Need help deciding which gloves work best for your business or at home? Connect with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team members.

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