Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves,Size 6″-9″

When it comes to surgical procedures, ensuring the highest level of protection, comfort, and dexterity is crucial. Our sterile latex surgical gloves are designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

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Features and Benefits

Strong Tear Resistance

Optimum choice for general surgical operations, thanks to their strong tear resistance, ensuring maximum protection during intricate procedures.

Superior Elasticity and Softness

Crafted with exceptional elasticity and softness, these gloves provide a superior fit, comfort, dexterity, and flexibility, allowing for precise and controlled movements.

Fully Anatomical Design

The fully anatomical design with curved fingers follows the natural shape of your hands at rest, minimizing hand fatigue and ensuring a free range of motion during surgical procedures.

Enhanced Grip and Control

The palm-textured surface enhances slip resistance, providing extra grip and control, even in challenging conditions.

Smooth Donning Experience

The polymer-coated, powder-free interior enables an incredibly smooth donning experience, ensuring effortless application and removal.

Beaded Cuff for Easy Donning

The beaded cuff design makes donning easy and helps prevent roll-back, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout the surgical procedure.


  • Material: Natural High-Grade Rubber Latex
  • Type: Latex Surgical Gloves, Powder-Free, Polymer Coated
  • Color: Natural
  • Design & Features: Hand-specific, curved fingers, palm-textured, beaded cuff
  • Glove Size: 6.9 – 9.0
  • Sterilization: Yes
  • Storage: The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Shelf Life: The gloves shall have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Application: General Surgery
  • OEM: Latex surgical gloves accept OEM.

Ensure the highest level of protection, comfort, and dexterity during surgical procedures with our premium sterile latex surgical gloves. Order now and experience the uncompromising quality and performance you deserve.

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