Pocket-Style Meal Apron: Durable and Hygienic Care Protection

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Material: Main material is polyethylene, and the Velcro is durable nylon
  • Size: 70cm (L) × 0.2cm (T) × 70cm (W)
  • Quantity: Contains 1 piece
  • Design and Patterns: No specific patterns or color options

It is a pocket-style product for beverages and food that is hygienic and won’t spill.
A highly durable care apron that protects clothes from stains and dirt caused by spilled food.

OEM Oredr Contact : [email protected]


This care apron is a high-quality item designed to protect clothes from stains and dirt caused by spilled food. It is particularly capable of repelling water-based stains such as fruit juice and soy sauce. This property prevents stains from penetrating clothing and helps maintain cleanliness. Furthermore, the apron is highly durable and can withstand long-term use, making it suitable for frequent use in caregiving environments.