Light Duty Pink Poly Aprons 32″x48″: Embossed, Waterproof, Disposable

Low Density Light Duty Embossed Poly Aprons protect uniforms and clothing and combined with proper hygiene practices and frequent changes, can help reduce the possibility of cross contamination and the potential transfer of harmful bacteria or viruses. Microbes can double in number quickly and harmful viruses can also spread quickly.

  • Extra-long ties make tying quick and easy, and a large neck opening provide a cooler more comfortable wear.
  • For Light Duty tasks
  • Embossed Material
  • Available in a 100 case ct.
  • Material:Polyethylene(PE、CPE)
  • size:80×140cm
  • colour:Pink
  • Packing quantity:1000pcs/box(100pcs/bag × 10bags) 
  • weight :10-30g

customization contact: [email protected]


Embossed Poly Aprons it’s made of polyethylene, it is waterproof and can reduce the risk of infection that allows blood, body fluids, etc. to pass through.
Designed to be worn over the head, the waist strap is tied at the back.
In pursuit of economy, he adopted thin polyethylene and embossed it so that it does not cling to him.
There is a slit in the back of the neck, soyou can easily pull it off when you take it of.
A lightweight apron that can be easily worm.
We use environmentally friendly materials.

Polyethylene Aprons For food processing, fishery processing, washing work, cooking / vegetable washing, kitchen work, etc.These aprons are most commonly found in food service and food processing industries but can be used in many other applications as well. They are available in white, yellow, blue, and red.