Cast Polyethylene Gloves (CPE Gloves) – 0.9 mil


  • ColoreClear
  • Glove TypeSingle-Use
  • MaterialLDPE、LLDPE
  • GradePowder-Free
  • Surface OuterDiamond textured
  • AQL2.0
  • Packaging10 boxes/carton, 200 gloves/box
  • Country Of OriginChina

OEM Oredr Contact : [email protected]



Cast Polyethylene (CPE) Gloves, crafted from a blend of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE+LLDPE), present an ideal solution for the food service industry. These gloves are not only economical but also meet FDA compliance, making them an excellent choice for applications where frequent glove changes are paramount. Their cost-effective nature positions them as the most practical choice for tasks requiring consistent glove replacement.

Designed for convenience, CPE gloves feature a loose-fitting style, simplifying the process of putting them on and taking them off. This attribute is particularly beneficial in high-traffic settings such as food service lines and deli counters. We offer these clear gloves in various densities, including high-density, low-density, and cast poly options, along with a new stretch hybrid variety, also available in blue, enhancing their versatility.


These 100% synthetic polyethylene gloves are ambidextrous and devoid of latex, powder, and DEHP, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for all users. They boast a standard length of 11″ ±0.5 and a textured surface, which enhances grip and ease of use. Notably more durable than standard PE gloves, they provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to vinyl gloves, perfectly suited for environments with high glove turnover.

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