About Heavy-duty Nitrile Gloves

About Heavy-duty Nitrile Gloves


Regardless of the context, safeguarding your employees remains your foremost concern. This has led us to create our heavy-duty nitrile gloves, designed for superior protection.

Numerous sectors necessitate a robust safety glove solution. Our heavy-duty nitrile disposable gloves shine in this aspect, providing unparalleled protection for both the workforce and their environment. These gloves are ideal for handling abrasive and corrosive materials, and are equally effective for delicate tasks involving electronic components and products.

In situations where disposable nitrile gloves are essential for shielding hands from dangerous substances like chemicals, pathogens, or other risks, it’s imperative that the gloves are sufficiently resilient to withstand these threats. The automotive sector, known for its stringent hand safety requirements due to exposure to harsh materials, finds an unmatched ally in Damao Glove. As the global premier expert in automotive hand protection, Damao Glove is committed to delivering disposable safety gloves that match the diligence of your employees.

Our heavy-duty nitrile gloves are crafted to be among the toughest in our collection, capable of handling the most strenuous activities. Tailored for challenging environments such as those in automotive, painting, and manufacturing industries, our nitrile range includes silicone-free gloves. These gloves are produced using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, ensuring they are robust, more resilient, and have an extended single-use lifespan.Orange Heavy-duty Nitrile Gloves


Our gloves provide numerous advantages, enhancing both performance and safety:

Strength and Durability: Crafted for the toughest tasks, our gloves boast ultra-heavyweight construction. They’re not only durable and long-lasting but also feature a beaded cuff for extra tear resistance and protection against liquid seepage.

Chemical Resistance: Conforming to EN374 standards, these gloves shield workers from common automotive oils and greases. They excel in chemical resistance, effectively guarding against substances like brake fluid, thinners, diesel, and more. The ambidextrous design adds convenience, reducing waste in case of single-glove damage.

Comfortable and Functional: Designed with a latex-like feel, our gloves offer both strength and comfort. The Damao formulation ensures a snug, comfortable fit, ideal for prolonged use.

Latex-Free and Safe: Our nitrile disposable gloves are free from latex, making them a safe choice for those with allergies and in public-facing environments.

Powder-Free and Silicone-Free: These gloves minimize Type I allergic reactions and reduce particulate contamination. Their silicone-free composition leaves no residues, ensuring clean work on surfaces like glass or metal.

Food Safe: Tested for safety, our gloves are suitable for handling all food types, including fatty and oily substances.

Enhanced Grip: Featuring an ergonomic, diamond-textured grip, they provide unparalleled performance in wet or oily conditions, as proven by top scores in international tests.

Versatile Applications: Our heavy-duty nitrile disposable gloves are ideal for various industries. They meet the demands for silicone-free environments, particularly in manufacturing, painting, and automotive sectors.

Industry-Specific Uses

  1. Automotive Industry: Protects against harsh substances like brake fluid and battery acid while offering comfort and improved grip in oily conditions.
  2. Chemical Handling: Resists a wide range of industrial chemicals (refer to our blog for detailed chemical resistance information).
  3. Cleaning: Guards against harmful cleaning chemicals, reduces cross-contamination risks, and protects public health in settings like healthcare.
  4. Painting: Prevents glove-borne paint contamination thanks to the silicone-free formula.
  5. Laboratory Work: Offers protection against pathogens and various chemicals, while maintaining sensitivity and elasticity for precise tasks.

Our nitrile gloves stand out as the optimal choice for environments demanding durability, safety, and comfort, making them suitable for a wide array of industrial applications.

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